Divorce without the Destruction

Divorce without the Destruction

Divorce without the DestructionDivorce without the DestructionDivorce without the Destruction



Lisa is a trained and experienced mediator prepared to help you through this difficult time in your life.  Lisa completed divorce mediation training through the NY Center for Mediation and Training.  She also serves as a mediator for the federal courts.  Lisa has 30 years of experience as lawyer in the NY courts.




Save Money

Divorce mediation saves you money.  In a court case, both parties have lawyers and there may even be a third lawyer assigned to represent children.  The cost increases as the time and court appearances necessary to reach a resolution increase.  When Lisa is your divorce mediator you will pay as you go at the conclusion of each meeting.  According to statistics, the financial cost of getting divorced through the courts is two to ten times higher than the cost of divorce through mediation.

Control Your Outcome

When you get divorced through the courts, a judge will make decisions for you and your family.  And, no one can ever guarantee the outcome.  In divorce mediation, you and your spouse make your own decisions about what is best for your family.  You determine your own outcome.

Preserve and Protect Your Family

When you are not battling it out in court,  you will feel less stress in your divorce and your family will experience less adversity.   Instead of  each individual spouse trying to "win", together you can focus on your family and your goals.

Protect Your Privacy

No one likes to air their dirty laundry.  Why you are divorcing and your finances are things that most people like to keep private.  Plus, sitting in a courthouse waiting for your case to be called is not an experience that anyone enjoys.  Divorce mediation is private.  No one except for Lisa and your spouse will know your business.

Create Better Long Term Relationships

Lisa will help you resolve your divorce through communication, negotiation and agreement.  In the end, you will feel better about the final result and each other than if you had gone to court.  Studies have shown that people who settle their divorce through mediation are much more likely to follow the terms of their divorce agreement and get along in better in the future.

Get It Done Faster

A divorce through the court system can take a year or more.  Through mediation you can resolve your divorce much quicker.  And, you will never have to go to court.

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